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The Bureau has been a leader in the direct mail industry since 1975. From the Bureau's inception, the principles chose a policy of quality and service which is continued with today's leadership. Over the years, high standards of performance have been met with the constant upgrading of equipment, network technology, and staff training.

At the Bureau, we are focused on providing the highest level of customer service. Through continuous personnel training and implementation of new technology, we remain the customer service leader in the direct mail industry.

Our air conditioned facility is home to our professionally trained direct mail specialists, state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. Our core belief in constant improvement of our facilities and human resources ensures that our customers’ direct mail projects  are completed in the most cost effective, accurate and timely manner possible.

The Bureau, Inc. is your TURN-KEY resource for all of your direct mail needs!

  • Client Communications
  • Advertising Materials
  • Billing Statements
  • Publications
  • Products
  • And MORE! 

Data Processing . Address Verification

As a full service operation, we convert and process all types of commonly used electronic media in-house.

The Bureau's personnel combines knowledge, experience and United States Postal Service approved software to validate the accuracy (CASS) of delivery addresses and fulfill mail entry preparation requirements (PAVE). Our service speeds delivery of mail and lowers postage costs by utilizing automated handling in the U.S. Postal System The NCOA (National Change of Address) process can also be integrated into these certifications for the most updated accuracy of delivery.

One of the most frequent tasks completed by our Data Processing department is the generation of print files. These files are utilized in our letter shop to direct inkjet address mailing pieces.

In addition to the output of inkjet address files and pressure sensitive labels on high speed printers, other specialized materials are often produced.Prestigious laser printed letters and envelopes with custom personalization is the "creme de la creme" process for making an impression.

When bar coded delivery efficiency in the U.S. Postal System is the foremost consideration or a direct image addressing process is required, we offer several options. Our diversity allows us to handle any need.

Printing Services

In addition to valuable marketing advice, our account executives can assist you with mailing piece design. As an experienced printing broker, we maintain trade connections enabling us to offer quality, competitive "Turn Key" services. We handle many bindery processes (folding, bursting, trimming, collating) in-house.

Mailing Services

From the simplest of mailings to the most complex, the direct mail experts at the Bureau are prepared to handle your project with efficiency and accuracy. Our specialized equipment enables us to complete your project in an efficient and timely manner.

From one piece to millions, machinable or custom design, The Bureau and manage your direct mail tasks with ease utilizing high speed commercial folders, inserters, inkjet addressers and more to quickly and precisely complete your projects.

Targeted Mailing Lists

As a recognized national list broker, The Bureau has access to any mailing list available on a commercial basis. We can target your mailing prospects nearly anywhere. In many cases, we can provide; geographic, demographic and psychographic market info.

Mailing lists fall into 4 general categories: Occupant [address only], Resident [by name], Business/Professional, and Response [previous offer respondents].

Describe your audience to our expert account representatives and they will select a targeted mailing list for you.

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